Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brigham David

Welcome Sweet Boy!!!


It's hard to believe you're a week old today. It seems like this week has flown. So much has happened. Let me retell this week as quickly as I can.

On Wednesday evening, Mommy came home from work around 5:45. She quickly tried to finish up a homework assignment, but needed a break so headed to the library to pick out a good book to read. As I went into the library, my water broke, but I wasn't sure that was exactly what happened. I then went to CVS to buy gum and headed home. On the way home, I called Daddy at church and after he told Grandma and Aunt Ash, he headed home to pick me up. We got to the hospital around 8:10, and sure enough, my water had broke, but my contractions hadn't. I sent Daddy home to shower. He had a long day. He was training for work all day in the rain, went straight to baseball practice, and then was playing kickball at Youth Group. Grandma Christner, Grandma Rahn, and Aunt Ash came to the hospital to be with me. My contractions started shortly after we got the hospital, but you were so easy on me, they didn't really hurt. My labor went so quickly with you that I hardly had time to think about the pain. In no time at all, you were born at 2:28 am. on Thursday, April 28, 2011.

Mommy and Daddy's reactions:

I can remember looking at Daddy as they placed you on my chest. Eyes filled with tears and excitement as he kissed me. He loves you so much, and he's such a good daddy. I was so glad you were here. I prayed for you, loved you, and could not wait to see your eyes and hear your cry. I love you so much. From the moment you were born you have looked like your Daddy. I love that about you. I hope you grow up to be just like him. I pray you grow into a disciple of Christ. I pray you love unconditionally, are slow to anger, I pray you love Jesus with all your heart, and I pray someday, you realize how much we love you.

I would do anything for you. We've had such a great week. I'm getting enough sleep, and my days are filled with such excitement with you here. Even though I have so much to worry about with school and work, none of that seems to matter right now. I have never enjoyed just being at home with you and Daddy as I do right now. I've cried only twice since you've been here, and both were because I couldn't take away your pain. I hate seeing you hurt, yet I know this is only the beginning. I pray God gives me the strength to constantly surrender you to Him, and to know in my heart that he will protect you always. I never understood how difficult that was until I held you. My heart has forever changed.

My favorite thing about you being here is watching you and Daddy together. I carried you for nine months, but it's the most incredible thing to watch you with your Daddy. He's much more calm than I am. You are always so peaceful in his arms, and he helps out so much. Your favorite time to spend with him is early in the morning. Daddy usually gets up to let Mommy sleep. I love how he takes care of us. I pray our relationship is a good example to you as you grow up.

Besides Mommy and Daddy, there are so many people that love you. So many friends and family have come to see you, and you have melted their hearts. The people who came to see you this week: Grandma and Grandpa Christner, Grandma Rahn, Aunt Ash, Uncle AJ, and Uncle Thad all came to the hospital to see you the night/morning you were born. Later that day, Auntie Jill, Uncle Matt, Grandma Great, Poppy Doc, the Weinbergs, Nic and Tori, Abby, Grandpa Rahn, Larry and Marian Byrnes, Uncle Nic, Gavin and Graci, Heather, and Aunt Ash and Grandma Susie came back with Grandpa Rahn to the hospital. The next morning we went home. After we got our rest, Grandma Gert, Grandpa Orvy, and Tia visited. Jess Mast came to bring us dinner and got to see you. Seth and Stephanie Lochmueller came from Fort Wayne. Christi, Melissa, and Heather all visited, too. I may have forgotten some people. You are so loved.

Some things we've done this week:
You went to church with us on Sunday. You had to go back to the hospital on Monday to get a repeat screening and we went to Gavin's first T-ball game. You had another doctor's appointment on Tuesday. You were a champ. On Wednesday you had newborn pictures taken and they turned out amazing. We went out to eat with Uncle Nic and Aunt Tori and Hayden and Colt to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was good to be with them again. They love you. Today we met Auntie Jill, Gavin and Graci at McDonald's for lunch. Daddy had a baseball game, so we went to visit Julie and Lexi for a little while before going to Gavin's T-ball game and then back to Daddy's game. I'm sure you'll love baseball with as much baseball that has been going on this week.

As I lay here listening to you sleep I pray so many things for you. I pray Daddy and I are great examples of Christ's love in your life. I pray you grow up knowing Christ and that some day you make the decision to follow Him yourself. I pray for your health. I pray for your future; your health, your education, your friends, your job, your spouse....the list goes on. Daddy and I would give you anything, but if we could only give you one thing it would be that you would love Christ. We promise to be good examples for you. Words cannot describe how your heart changes when you have a child. Someday you'll know how it feels....but I hope time slows down. I love these moments. I could stare at you forever. You are a perfect miracle. I love you, son.

Love, Mommy