Sunday, September 12, 2010

When September Comes...

Oh, I LOVE September. I LOVE the Fall. I LOVE spending time with my family in the Fall.

As much as I love the beginning of Fall, it makes me become less motivated to work around the house, go to work, do homework, go to class, etc. etc. I would much rather just spend time with my loved ones. I guess the way I see it, I'll never look back and say, "I wish I wouldn't have cleaned more," or "I should have spent so much more time at work," or even, "I wish I would have gotten groceries more often." I will GUARANTEE you that I will look back and say, "I wish I would have had more time to do everything I've ever wanted with my family and friends." So...the past two weeks I've done just that. Don't get me wrong, I still try to get my chores done, and I still DO go to work, but I used to BIG TIME hype when there was a speck of dust or dirt on the floor and dinner wasn't ready right on time at night. It's just, this past two weeks, I've learned to enjoy life. What doesn't get done today will get tomorrow. :)

That leads me to this weekend. What a GREAT weekend! :)

Friday night, Jas and I just took off for Mishawaka just because we felt like it. We ate dinner at Sonic (because I love it, and it reminds me of Mt. Juliet (my Nashville home)). We then hit up the Mall and Gordman's before heading to our great friends, the Weinberg's to help them move, or watch the boys move while Shawna and I catch up. :)

Saturday was supposed to be a day filled with soccer games in the morning, homework, cleaning, and going to my brother's baseball game before cheering on the IRISH and then visiting the Weinberg's once again. It went more like this...I got up early to get homework done before Reeno's game, and didn't get nearly as far as I wanted to, so I wasn't able to go. :( Later, I found out, he rocked the house! The kid is THREE, is not old enough to be playing, and scored FOUR goals! How did I miss this!?! He is my world, and I missed his first hat-trick. I'm sorry buddy, I love you more than you could imagine, and I am so proud of you! After the game, while I was STILL doing homework, my Momma texted me to inform me that Aj's game was cancelled due to rain. :( Sad, but I was SURE I would get my cleaning done. Instead, I sat on the couch and watched a movie for the first time since I've been home this summer. It felt so good, and I really needed it. Jas got home, and we watched the Irish. I almost broke a computer during the game due to excitement, and then we lost anyway. Boo!! BUT, I feel good about this season.

Today was a perfect day. I woke up for church, and it was such a beautiful morning! I got there to be informed that my Daddy volunteered me to stand up front with a sign during the sermon. It was cool; he knew I wouldn't care. That is until...Pastor Bley placed goggles on my face and a blindfold on me. Let me inform you that I had 4 inch heals on, had to walk up stairs with the blindfold, AND fell in a hole on stage. He is SO lucky it was me, and I'm the child that NOTHING can embarrass me. I embrace it. :)

I was planning on getting so much done again today. That is, until my mom said she was going to go for a bike ride on the Pumkinvine Nature Trail from Middlebury to Goshen. Everything else got postponed, again, so I could ride with my family. I'M SO GLAD I DID. It was a PERFECT afternoon...almost. :) My mommy and daddy, sister, my niece and nephew and I headed off for the trail and everything seemed perfect. The day was perfect, the weather, the trail, the scenery. EVERYTHING. Half-way through the trail, the bike stroller fell off and my dear niece and nephew went spinning and landed face-up to the sky. Of course, if they had been on the road we would have FREAKED out, but they were on a trail, and it was just me, I DIED laughing. Let me tell you, Gavin already HATES the bike stoller. He was determined to ride his own bike, and when his momma told him he couldn't. He was determined to walk. He lost that one, too. So, when he crashed, let's just say he was traumatized. He screamed and of course my niece screamed. Mom was right behind them so she helped them up immediately. Gavin was determined to get unbuckled. He was done. Ashli wouldn't let him, and when we were starting to ride again, this is what Gavin says... "Dwama (Grandma), that was the WORSTEST thing... of course we all died laughing AGAIN. As Ashli takes off on her bike, this is what Gavin says next, "H-E-R-O, God is my Hero!" We died laughing AGAIN. I mean it's funny, but how great is it that at age 3 he's thanking God for keeping him safe. :) I love that kid. Needless to say, I've been laughing out loud every time I think about it. He probably doesn't think it's quite so funny.

Anyway, at the end of the trail, my dear brother-in-law picked my husband up and brought him to us so he could ride home with us. He also picked the kids up as they were traumatized. It was so nice riding the trail home with everything. So many blessings to thank God for! When we got home, my mommy and daddy took Jas and I for some DQ, and man, was it JUST what we needed! It was so nice of them.

This evening, Jas and I went to my school to get a lot of things done. He's such a good husband. He just sits there quietly and keeps me company without complaining. And now, I'm relaxing with the love of my life as he watches America's Got Talent and eating pizza. I just may have to get me some! :)

Tomorrow, it's back to the grind with another busy week. Of course there's work, and then...

Monday=Huntington baseball game
Tuesday=Chicago with friends to learn more about Shaklee!
Wednesday=Youth Group
Thursday = Dinner with our Nashvillian, Ms. Wendy Hardaway (and class, boo!)
Friday - no plans...yet! and I can't wait!

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