Monday, June 14, 2010

BIRDS and such

EXCITING NEWS!!!! Two more friends got married. Chase Verba married Krista Warner on Saturday in Fort Wayne. It was so great to see them and other friends, and catch up with late, great terrific ones, like Jodi Bontreger. If you're reading this...I KNOW you are...I love you and thank you for so many laughs, encouragement, advice, and memories with you. Geesh, I miss your face!

On a more serious note, I love weddings because there is so much happiness and love. It makes me fall in love with my husband all over again. Especially when he's all dressed up and lookin' so hot! :) Weddings take me back to our wedding day. I would do it all over again if I didn't have to plan for it. So many great people, and such a celebration!

Now onto something TOTALLY different. (This blog is lame, but you'll get over it). Jas and I got new, and extremely cheap bikes from WalMart on Friday. After much deliberation, I decided on a beach of those bikes that looks like it's straight out of the fifties and sixties...yeah, that's mine, and I LOVE it. On Friday, I drove it over to my sis's house and we and the kids went for a bike ride to the Hardware in Shipshe. So peaceful. Saturday morning, Jas and I rode our bikes north of Middlebury to our neighbor girl's softball game. I definitely heard a lot of 'my butt hurts,' from my husband on the way home. Suck it up. :) Just kidding.

I'll come back to this.

Yesterday, I had had enough of watching Jason leave for work. I HATE IT. Lord be with him everyday. I think that's why I love 1st shift so much. I don't have to watch him leave. It can become a little more 'out of sight out of mind' type thing...if at all possible...when he leaves and I'm in a dead sleep. When I watch him pull away every afternoon it kills me. I can only pray he comes back to me every night. So...yesterday, to relieve the stress, I decided to ride my bike to my sister's house and listen to my brother's game with them. It takes 12 minutes in a car to get there, so not terrible. 8, 9 miles, maybe? However, I decided to go out of my way to take backroads instead of US 20. BAD IDEA...hills, hills and more hills. Remember how I said I bought a beach cruiser? That means, there's no gears or anything to make my trip easier. Just me and the road. Anyway, I loved it, until....

A bird! A red-winged black bird to be exact (I had to google a black bird with an orange wing to find out). Anyway this bird flew into the back of my head and punctured it with its beak! Are you kidding me? How does this happen to me?

My hatred toward birds began in High School.

Once upon a time, my sister, momma, and I were at UP Mall, and we stopped at Hallmark as we were leaving, to get a card. There, in Hallmark, looking at cards, a little birdie came fluttering across my toes, just walked right over them. Sick. The same week, I was washing my car...a bird pooped on my head. A few days later, on a trip to Cedar Point with Student Council, a bird flew into me as I was riding a roller coaster. Blood, guts...everywhere. Knocked the wind out of me, even.

Fast forward.

About 2 years ago, the girls of the family, My mom, my sister, my other 'sister' (she's actually my brother's ex, but I will always and forever claim her as my own), and I were going to see Dirty Dancing on Broadway in Chicago. Walking down the street, in the middle of Chicago, a bird comes swooping down to me. I grabbed my sister (pregnant at the time) and about threw her to the cement trying to dodge this bird. Missed by mere centimeters, I'd say.

Fast forward.

Last year, we were celebrating my dear cousin (who I also claim as my own, although according to blood, they say she's Jason's), and her husband's marriage with a bachelorette party in South Bend. I had to stop at Meijer to get food for the evening. When I walked out, bags in hand, a bird, swooped down and flew into me. OUTSIDE MEIJER. PEOPLE WATCHING. I dropped my bags, and the thing was fluttering around on the ground, dying, but not dead. Me, with people watching, stomped on it (like you would a spider)...I helped it. Don't judge me, please. I'm not normally into killing animals.

Fast forward to now, and a bird flew into me while I was riding a bike. Basically, I hate birds.

Anyway, I got to my sister's house, and they were all sleeping. Having two kids under 3 1/2, that doesn't happen very often, so, I decided I would ride to my Grandma and Grandpa's. Sounds great, only, their house is another 12 miles away. Oh well. I did it. I just kept riding and riding. It was so nice. I love Amish country.

It was so nice to surprise them. My parents, who live a few houses down, were in SC watching my brother play ball, so it was nice to see just them. Grandma wanted to take my bike for a spin, so she rode the couple houses down to my Aunt's (yeah, we all live that close, and it's TERRIFIC!). Aunt Jill came down and dinner with us. Just the four of us. It was so nice. Then we listened to my brother's games. Adam, my brother, you can call him AJ (pronounced, 'age')...I do...messed up his hamstring again. Bummer. My parents weren't planning on leaving SC until tomorrow, but with AJ done, and work awaiting, they decided to pack up and leave today. I wish I were down there with him! :( Three more weeks is all! ..but then again, I'll be in Nashville. After the first game, since he wasn't playing, we turned the Cubbies on, and watched two pitchers battle for no hitters. Grandma taught me a new card game 'Spite and Malice.' ...Jas and I since stayed up playing it until 1:00 last night. Grandpa had a rough day. I'll be so glad when this sickening Chemo and awful cancer is gone for good. He's so strong, he puts on a good face for everyone, even though he doesn't need to. I love them both, and they're great.

Jas picked me up from mom and dad's when he got off work, and we calculated my route...21 1/2 miles. I was proud of myself for it being the 3rd time I've been on a bike in years. My next goal...riding to my other grandparents house who live about 7 miles further. Orvy and I come.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud because I have been with you on a couple of those bird ordeals!! Maybe if you ride here, I can ride with you the rest of the way to the lake to see Orvy and Gert :) But we may need dad to come pick us (and our bikes) up in the truck to return home :) Did I tell you how much I'm going to miss you when you go to Nashville. I'm trying not to think about another one of my kids being away from "home"!! Love you!!